Who Are We?

WeeFeel is a kids’ lifestyle brand designed for parents who see things differently. We believe kids have to be real about feelings, and that that’s the only way they’ll grow up healthy and cool. Agree with us? We knew it. Founded by husband and wife team, Simon and Jessica Vieira, WeeFeel has grown into a team of 10 dedicated designers, developers, writers, and educators. We’re excited, and growing.

What Do We Do?

We make apps, toys, and other rad stuff to help kids have fun and get in touch with their feelings – plus get exposed to art and to a sense of social good. Oh, and naturally, all of our products are locally sourced and eco-friendly. (After all, we’re literally talking about the next generation, here.)

Why Do We Matter?

Kids need healthy ways to get in touch with their feelings. They also need more fun channels to get exposed to great art and concepts of social good. We give parents the tools to teach their kids all that, with the magnetic power of the most compelling digital channels. And we do it in a really fun, simple and cool way! We think this will create healthier kids, who will grow into good, happy adults.





"Portia has her own case of the giggles while we read along WeeFeel's The Bubble Bomps App."

-North Shore Mama.
"WeeFeel apps are an innovative way for children to explore their emotions."

-Anna K, kindergarten teacher.
"WeeFeel entertains and educates my kids when I just need to occupy them for a few minutes."

-Adriano & Emily.


SIMON VIEIRA – Design Director.

Simon began his career in design at the age of 12 when he used an old gauze machine from his family's company to create mops, selling them to his school and local business's. To this day, people still say they ...Read More

JESSICA VIEIRA – Business Director.

Jessica has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At the ripe old age of 4, Jessica went door to door selling old shoes that her mother had left at the back door waiting to be thrown away. Her shoe business was ...Read More

RITCHIE MACAPINLAC – Technology Director.

Ritchie really likes to build things. Since he was a small child he played with Duplo, then Lego and finally Capsella (he also likes obscure engineering toys).  So he decided to build a career on building great web tools because he didn't ...Read More

MEGAN RADFORD – Lead Writer.

Megan has been in love with words and writing for as long as she can remember. As a kid, she adored books, writing, and drawing in the margins with smelly felts. At the moment she has two books on the ...Read More

DUNCAN CAMPBELL – Lead Game Designer.

Duncan likes how things are made. As a young boy growing up in a small town, he found the greatest pleasure in taking things apart and putting them back together again. Though the VCR didn't always work, it definitely helped ...Read More


Annie, our beloved mascot/babysitter/ferocious guard dog.


<h2>DESIGN & ART.</h2>
<p>We are wild about simple, playful design and art. We create products that are high quality, sustainable and that solve a problem. We transform complex academic information into simple, fun, usable methods for our products.</p>


We believe 100% that the best way to learn is through play. Our commitment to you is that every product we release embodies playful learning experiences, carefully crafted by our teachers and designers.


We use the most vivid and captivating technology, and we harness it for the power of good. We believe that we should leverage everything we have – including digital screens – to bring our kids forward, and help them have richer lives.



As parents, we know that there are no set manuals to raise our kids. So we keep it simple: cultivate a community of people who believe in the power of emotional intelligence, art and creative expression, all to help us deliver the best products we can.



The only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know everything. So we work hard to create communication channels with you to build our relationships, products and company. Basically, we’re walking the same parenting road that you are. Good to know you.



We really care about doing good in the world. So we work with sustainable partners, licensers and distributors that are socially conscious, and that bring you high-quality sustainable products. We also give 10% of our proceeds to help develop emotional intelligence and art programs in developing countries.



We like Valentine's day because it remind us of to spread love and feel grateful :)


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